The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

“The Alchemist” is a great book ,perhaps the greatest one there is . Now i’m not gonna come out generalizing things ,and occupying all literature by a single thought ,though i’m almost certain that i’m not the only one who would agree upon the fact that “The Alchemist” is one of the greatest books out there .


The universe is an immense place ,i’m pretty sure ,accumilating a magestic force ,and a simple thought of it gives you the chills ,that of course depending on your personal experiences .To some people a specific “thing/book” represents the meaning of life  ,others might not agree because simply they failed to relate to it – at my second year at college ,we have been instructured to analyse a certain book that i will name “x” for the moment ,now “x” had had an interesting effect on most of my classmates where i felt ashamed because i simply couldn’t relate to what they were expressing of enjoyment and satisfaction .Well satisfaction was the furthest impression i had on “x” ,in fact i was terribly irritated by it ,to the point where i began to wonder if it was that easy to reach fame ;of course i wasn’t mature enough nor an expert but that is how i felt – Paulo Coelho is one of the few authors who reached through “The Alchemist” for soul rather than mind ,that is a bit of what distinguished the book as a fine piece ,which many admit to be a life changing experience and i myself relate it to the notion of the universe for i instinctively singled out the book as a universe of its own ,the fact which some critics have not been able to digest apparently , calling the book “cheap”,”clichey” .

Now i’m not gonna go on and ruin the story for you , instead i will insist that you guys should get a copy and read the book , i can’t promise you anything but i can tell you that imagination is a wonderful thing .



Triptych by Karin Slaughter

In Modern fiction ,TRIPTYCH has managed to put The ”V” in Violance . this work of art ,actually a master piece , is the product of 5 years of hard work and unlimited imagination .In one single book Karin Slaughter has managed to wrap the subcity of Atlanta in 400 pages of breath taking suspense and non-stop action.


effectively the Newyork times best selling author and best crime novelist had no intention in making a superficial impact on the readers ,instead she went deeper into what really happens in Atlanta’s darkest corners .inspecting clues wont help you around this novel because everytime you think you’re up to something ,the author takes you for another ride inside this violant cyclone of crime and mistery . The story is a 3 panels painting ,consisting of detectives Michael ,Angela ,Trent and Jhon Shelley a convicted loser who serves as a lead that will eventually reaveal the identity of the sexual predator/murderer.Typical individuals on the surface but not so much as the sequence of events unveils every little incident which shapes their present selves .


Now ,i will stop and leave you with these two options : Read the book and feel amazed or die not knowing what Real life is all about .see you next time ,chus!