Triptych by Karin Slaughter

In Modern fiction ,TRIPTYCH has managed to put The ”V” in Violance . this work of art ,actually a master piece , is the product of 5 years of hard work and unlimited imagination .In one single book Karin Slaughter has managed to wrap the subcity of Atlanta in 400 pages of breath taking suspense and non-stop action.


effectively the Newyork times best selling author and best crime novelist had no intention in making a superficial impact on the readers ,instead she went deeper into what really happens in Atlanta’s darkest corners .inspecting clues wont help you around this novel because everytime you think you’re up to something ,the author takes you for another ride inside this violant cyclone of crime and mistery . The story is a 3 panels painting ,consisting of detectives Michael ,Angela ,Trent and Jhon Shelley a convicted loser who serves as a lead that will eventually reaveal the identity of the sexual predator/murderer.Typical individuals on the surface but not so much as the sequence of events unveils every little incident which shapes their present selves .


Now ,i will stop and leave you with these two options : Read the book and feel amazed or die not knowing what Real life is all about .see you next time ,chus!


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