The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

“The Alchemist” is a great book ,perhaps the greatest one there is . Now i’m not gonna come out generalizing things ,and occupying all literature by a single thought ,though i’m almost certain that i’m not the only one who would agree upon the fact that “The Alchemist” is one of the greatest books out there .


The universe is an immense place ,i’m pretty sure ,accumilating a magestic force ,and a simple thought of it gives you the chills ,that of course depending on your personal experiences .To some people a specific “thing/book” represents the meaning of life  ,others might not agree because simply they failed to relate to it – at my second year at college ,we have been instructured to analyse a certain book that i will name “x” for the moment ,now “x” had had an interesting effect on most of my classmates where i felt ashamed because i simply couldn’t relate to what they were expressing of enjoyment and satisfaction .Well satisfaction was the furthest impression i had on “x” ,in fact i was terribly irritated by it ,to the point where i began to wonder if it was that easy to reach fame ;of course i wasn’t mature enough nor an expert but that is how i felt – Paulo Coelho is one of the few authors who reached through “The Alchemist” for soul rather than mind ,that is a bit of what distinguished the book as a fine piece ,which many admit to be a life changing experience and i myself relate it to the notion of the universe for i instinctively singled out the book as a universe of its own ,the fact which some critics have not been able to digest apparently , calling the book “cheap”,”clichey” .

Now i’m not gonna go on and ruin the story for you , instead i will insist that you guys should get a copy and read the book , i can’t promise you anything but i can tell you that imagination is a wonderful thing .



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